Looking Forward to Fall (which, in my book, is tomorrow)

Movies Coming Out This Fall That I’m excited about:

This Fall seems to be a very exciting movie season. Hopefully, it will make up for the not-so-great movie season that was this summer. Always an optimistic, I will list the features coming out in Sept- Dec that could put my faith back in Hollywood:

Zombie film+ comedy + road trip movie = such promise. I hope they don't fuck it up. 

I liked Moulin Rouge. I liked Chicago. This looks to be a combination of both, so it should be good.

It’s Fight Club meets Where the Heart Is. I love intelligent movies that are just commentaries on American life. Michael Cera- awkward yet again, but by now we’ve all just accepted and moved on.

I’m intrigued to see how Drew Barrymore does as a director. This movie looks very promising as a good girls-kick-ass flick.

We’ve learned in the past that movies involving the supernatural seem to have good marriages with high school settings (I Was a Teenage Vampire, Teen Wolf… okay, maybe not Teen Wolf, but you get my drift). Plus, if Diablo Cody wrote it, it should be good.

Tim Burton. The end of the World. Computer animation. Sounds like enough information to make me see it. Plus, they took enough effort to time it so that the movie comes out on 9-9-09.

Ben Affleck as a stoner/ drug dealer? I have to check this out.

A psychological thriller with Michael C. Hall in it?!? No way! I hate to see what this will do to his career (typecasting is an actor’s worst fear), but the film itself looks like a good ride.

You wouldn't be able to guess from the title what this movie is about. Actually, when I saw the ad for the trailer I thought it was going to be about farmers. Instead, I see what looks like a hilarious comedy with... wait for it.... George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, and Jeff Bridges. What an unusual medley. Don't believe me? See for yourself. 

When was the last time Disney made an animated movie? Oh, right. 2004. Five years ago- that movie about the farm animals. Don’t remember it? You shouldn’t. It was garbage. However, I am verrry excited for this feature, and I’m sure everyone is asking the same question: is this the movie to put Disney back on the map? Or is it a lost cause? Because honestly, right now, I think without Pixar it would crumble. And that would be a sad day for animated films. I just wish that half the trailer didn't consist of shots from other Disney films.

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