Inglorious Basterds- Basterds? Maybe. Inglorious? Hell the fuck no.

I first lost my Tarantino virginity with Deathproof, and I haven't turned back since. Only he can take something as dark and depressing as WWII and turn it into a comedy (without it turning into a slapstick spoof). The tone was dark and sickening at times, yet I was thoroughly amused and never wanted to look away from the screen (despite watching Nazi soldiers get literally scalped). I went into the theatre at 10:15, and came out at 1:00, surprised that so much time had passed so quickly.

This is a movie that truly deserves to be seen in a theatre. It is a communal event, the way that a good movie should be. Films were designed to be seen in theatres, and this is one movie that would not be the same viewed otherwise, no matter how big your home kino is. I felt connected to the other people sitting around me as all one hundred of us clapped when a dickhead officer (I won't say which one and spoil the fun) FINALLY got shot. We laughed when two characters debated through subtitles over whether to start speaking in English. The facetiousness of this film is just too great to be experienced alone.

So, if I were you, I'd go see this movie. Bring all your friends. Hell, I'm probably going to see it again. Yes, it was that good. It made me feel good about being an American (which is something you don't experience too often these days). It made me want to go watch Pulp Fiction for the fiftieth time in a row. And it made me remember that there can be comedy in everything. Even explosions. Especially expolsions. In short, this movie just kept getting better with every minute, and although at times it seemed almost too ridiculous, I remembered that that was the point, and if I am not a happier person because of this movie, there is no hope for this world.


Have fun,

The Movie Mistress

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  1. Good review.

    Personally, I left the cinema with mixed feelings, but after rewatching it, it all kinda fell in place.

    "Inglorious Basterds" is truly remarkable, and only Tarantino can make a movie more than 2 and a half hours long with 95% of it being mostly conversations.