A Bit About Me

Let me just say that I am a movie slut. Scratch that. A movie whore. As a member of flixster, I have rated over 550 movies through Facebook. That constitutes, on average (if every movie is give or take 2 hours), about 1100 hours of movie watching, which is broken down to about 46 days. In other words, if God struck down a flood, and I was put on the ark (which, given the movies I've seen, I'm not sure would happen), I would be able to entertain myself day in and day out.

And, when everyone else got off the boat to admire the celestial sunshine, I would still have enough movies to fill another six days, and I'm only 19. That's 46 entire days of my life spent in front of some sort of screen.

I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, I'm starting this blog to review as many movies as I can, and also to give myself an incentive to watch more. Because the more movies I watch, the more objective I become about watching, making me a more open-minded person in general. So I'm here to give you all a no-nonsense report and review of the most obscure, stupid-sounding movies, the box-office hits, and indie classics, so that you can see them for yourself and come back and tell me if I'm right or wrong. After all, every movie deserves discussion because every movie is somebody's baby, and every baby deserves to be wanted and cared for.

So fuck thumbs up/ thumbs down, and embrace treating every film with respect. Even if the plot sucks, the actors suck harder, and the script seems like it was written by George W. Bush and rewritten by Sarah Palin. Take it from someone whose Hell would be a room full of empty DVD cases with only a description on the back of each one- no matter how bad it is, something about it will be entertaining.

So join me, as I volunteer to put out for the movies others might be hesitant to see. Come on, it'll be fun. Hopefully.

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