A Temporary Break

Sorry for the recent lack of posting, but I've been a bit detained as of late. I'm out of the country until December, which means that the posts will be fewer, since I have yet to find time to go to a movie theatre or look up what's playing. I will participate in the October Movies You Didn't Know You Needed to See, however, and I'll undoubtedly see a dubbed version of Harry Potter 7 (Part I), so expect something on that :) 

I'll keep up with the news, but it'll be hard for me to find out what's big on the radar for Fall. Until next time, enjoy this: 

It's bootleg and shitty, I know, but it was my favorite dance in the movie (yes, I did see this, and yes, I paid for 3D). Water getting splashed to the ceiling. Gimmicky? Yes. But still awesome. 


The Movie Mistress