Which Indie British Film About the 80s do YOU Prefer?

There seem to be a lot of these going around lately (I'm not sure why), so I'll pick two of my faves and you can vote: 

1. Son of Rambow (semi-Spoiler)

By far, the most adorable movies I have ever seen. I can't think of any other word to describe it. A great movie about how "boys will be boys," this film is brilliant because you can see the big picture of what is happening in the young boy's life while recognizing that he really has no control. That's what makes you empathize with him. You want to shout at all the adults in his life to listen to him, and when they finally do, it is the cutest thing to ever hit the cinematic world and the world through his eyes. Rent this film- you won't regret it. 

2. This is England

On the flip side, one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. Drenched in realism, this movie about skinheads in the 1980s paints an accurate picture of how a kid can get sucked into the type of lifestyle that condones thievery and murder. This is an excellent movie on why we need a stronger foundation against bullying and its direct connection to gangs. You feel torn because you can see where the main character is headed and don't want him to go, but at the same time, you want more than anything for him to be accepted. An interesting and captivating paradox.

Runner Up: The History Boys

I love this movie, but it is extremely obvious how close to the stage production they stayed while shooting. As a nostalgia film, it sort of forgets that with a film (different than with a play), realism is crucial to the believability of what you're watching (with a play the suspension of disbelief kicks in automatically). It was too staged, which works on the stage, but not in a film. We've seen in the past how this sometimes doesn't work: Death Trap, Noises Off, Mamma Mia...

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