Lying Trailer

So... I saw this as coming out in theatres today (well, yesterday, now that it's two in the morning), and I thought, Wow! A movie with Jena Malone, Leelee Sobieski, and Chloe Sevigny. All fantastic, strong actresses that I admire. I want to see what this is about. Well, I watched the trailer. 

And it just made me want to complain. Why? Because I have no idea what the fuck this movie is about. A trailer is supposed to make you want to see the movie, not make you confused. I had the same reaction with Inception, but it was only the teaser I saw in theatres, so I forgave them. This movie, though, came out on the 11th. The trailer should be pretty legit. Instead, it's just reviews! And I say, fuck that. I can read those on the back of the box when I rent the movie. I want scenes! I want to know what I'm getting myself into. No one wants to watch a movie blindly- it's like walking into a rave without knowing that half the people there are going to be on drugs. Which, for all we know, this movie could have been made by people on drugs. See for yourself:

Do you see what I mean? The trailer doesn't sell me at all. And that really bothers me. It's as though the director expects you to see it just because it's indie without trying to want you to see it. As though the type of people watching the trailer are the people who would go see it anyway after seeing the description. The trailer doesn't even try. I don't want to watch a trailer that says how great other people thought the film was. I want to see it for myself, and I want the trailer to want me to see it for myself. Just because you're indie doesn't mean you don't have to sell your movie to your audience!

Okay, I'm done with my rant. Have a great weekend and see lots of good trailers.


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