Chocolat (2000)

My rating: 4 stars 


Why had I not seen this movie before? It's absolutely fucking adorable. It makes you feel like someone has come up and hugged you for a whole two hours. And it isn't just a feel-good movie- it has a darkness to it that doesn't come along with your usual chick-flick. There is an eerie mood that accompanies the quirky little warm fuzzies you get when you watch this. 

Maybe it helped that I happen to love chocolate. Or maybe it was that I'm attracted to unconventional films. Either way, something clicked with me while I was watching this movie. It is about overcoming adversity and holding to your own beliefs, but unlike a lot of movies in this genre, there was actual legit adversity to overcome. Johnny Depp's fucking boat was lit on fire. A fucking BOAT. 

Plus, I absolutely loved that they made no pains to hide the hypocrisy in the town (and that they made it comical). I mean, I am not trying to demean the Catholic religion, but it is kind of funny that the people of the village are literally freaking out over eating chocolate, which seems like no big deal to most people. Like going to confession every single day because they ate a truffle. It's pretty hilarious, and I guess that plays into the offbeat humor of the film. There is a slow transition among ALL the characters to be more open and accepting, and the fact that this was portrayed in such a realistic way made it both entertaining and thought-provoking. 

I also liked that the ending was finished, but not concluded. They left you with a sense of unease at the fact that Juliette Binoche's character decided to stay in one place. She chose to do so because of her daughter, but it was still very unsettling because you could tell that only half of her wanted to. The other half yearned to roam. There is still a lot to this story that could happen, and the opening makes the movie that much more interesting. 

All in all, I thoroughly recommend this movie for being in its own genre. Watch it, and I just might add it to my Best Movies to Watch While Sick. After all, I think this would make me feel better any day. 

Peace and chocolate!

The Movie Mistress

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