The Room

If you haven't seen this movie, you are in for an experience. It was so epically bad when it came out that it has become sort of an underground cult classic, and I witnessed for the first time yesterday what all the hype is about. 

At the start, it looks like a legit, good movie- the music swells as a great landscape shot of San Fransisco (which is used again and again throughout the movie). A great establishing shot to what looks like, in the first three seconds, a good movie. 

And then the first scene starts. 

From there, it is a series of badly acted mishaps and absolutely ridiculous sex scenes montage-d to original music written specifically for the movie and that reeks of a 1990s porno soundtrack. If I recall, the first and third sex scenes (yes, there are that many in a row) reuse footage. There definitely was the same waterfall in both scenes. The sex scenes also last FOREVER to the point where you just want them to move on (and trust me, you do- it's not as if they're hot or anything; they're actually sort of disturbing). There were really only three sets, and somehow all the characters seem to revolve around the same living room (which has photographs of spoons plastered all over it for some reason- see the last paragraph for more info). 

There included (in no particular order): a creepy relationship between a kid neighbor and the protagonist which included a drug bust, a character who mentions in passing that she is dying of cancer and the subject is never brought up again (was she cured? Who knows?), a strange outing between the guys in the film where they get dressed up in tuxes and then toss a football around, a completely unnecessary scene regarding said football in an alleyway that is never referenced again, and a terrible psychologist who almost gets thrown off of a balcony. 

There was much, much more, but I don't want to confuse the shit out of you.

Yet, despite all that, I had more fun watching this movie than I've had watching a movie in a while. I saw with a large group of people who laughed, shouted at the screen and threw spoons (!!!), and I have to say that it restored my belief that all movies, no matter how low budget or badly acted they are, have merit. This movie was obviously someone's baby, and it deserves to be seen (even if it isn't for its high quality). Go watch it for yourself. There are screenings. 

Right now. 

I'm dead serious. 

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