Arrrrgh, Ye Double Feature Friday- Pirates

Okay, so I know that International Talk Like A Pirate Day is actually tomorrow. Buuuut, I wanted to do my Double Feature on movies that have focused on these scurvy characters. Because, let's face it- who doesn't love a good pirate movie? It just seemed like a good theme. There are so many to choose from, but I had if I had to pick any two, I'd choose...

1. Captain Blood (1935)

Classic pirate movie featuring the dashing Errol Flynn and made in a time when Hollywood was all about spectacle in the sense that it was meant to look real (as opposed to Pirates of the Carribean, which was good until the stupid CGI skeletons. Really, Jerry Bruckheimer? Really?) even though everything was done with sets. The beginning is admittedly a bit slow, but it explains how he became a pirate (something that doesn't happen often- it almost always "runs in the family," except for the case of The Princess Bride). Plus, I always love seeing a historical piece with a female character that can hold her own, and Olivia de Havilland captures the character of Arabella Bishop brilliantly. A wholesome, entertaining movie that never gets old.

2. The Black Pirate (1926)

A pirate movie starring the first major star of these types of films, Douglas Fairbanks. If Flynn was the most famous pirate of the sound era, this is a delightful film that captures the spirit of swashbuckling without words. Featuring lots of stunts and excellent battle scenes (one in which Fairbanks captures an entire ship by himself- something that can only be accomplished in Hollywood), this is definitely one of my favorites. Plus, it's super short, making the action scenes that much more dramatic. When it comes to pirates, less talk and more action = a "gold" standard.


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