Okay, so remember Cody "the Codesman" from Step by Step? Apparently he was in a B-list 1980s flick about the mafia called Spike of Bensonhurst. I watched it. I know.

As bad movies go, this one is pretty bad. But I think its ridiculousness is just what makes it so fucking awesome. None of the characters seem to actually like Spike, yet he ends up with three kids at the end of the movie from two different broads. It's whateva. The music (something that I always pay attention to) doesn't fit AT ALL. There's a dramatic fight scene and the background music is completely upbeat and happy. I can't tell how we're supposed to feel, but I can tell you this movie made me laugh. The head Mob boss is supposed to be in charge of all of Bensonhurst and head of the drug wars in Red Hook, but he isn't menacing at all. He coaches Little League, for crying out loud! Anyway, I think this conversation between Spike and Angel pretty much sums up the greatness of the movie:

Angel: So, you wanna have sex or somethin'?
Spike (to car washer): My world's fallin' apart and this cous wants to get her rocks off!
Angel: Just thought I'd ask...
Spike: So do you want me to kiss you or somethin'?
Angel: I thought you'd never ask.

I can see why this movie never made it to DVD, though. It can only be found on VHS. That's how successful it was. If you can, go watch it. It's entertaining in its own way.

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