Golden Globes Cheat Sheet

So... Can I just say that I am so fucking happy that Avatar won Best Motion Picture? I saw it twice (once in a regular theatre and then again in 3-D) and I have to say that I think it deserved recognition. James Cameron's little sci-fi that could went far, and no matter the mixed reviews, you have to admit that it's pretty fucking awesome. No one really expected it to reach the mass appeal that it did, and yet the box office sales are close to passing Titanic. Anyway, if you missed the awards, the Movie Mistress is here to point out the night's highlights so that you can have even more savvy knowledge of popular culture over your peers. So, without further ado, The Golden Globe goes to...

1.) Mo'Nique- Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Well deserved, and the first award to start off the evening. It was actually legitimately exciting to watch her win because you could tell she genuinely cared and was totally grateful. Plus, Precious is a fantastic movie. 

2.) John Lithgow- Best Supporting Actor in a Television Show 

If you haven't ever seen Dexter, John Lithgow is a creepy mother fucker. He completely sold us on the role of the Trinity Killer and props to him for winning. 

3.) Chloe Sevigny- Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show 

I watch Big Love regularly, and last season, Chloe Sevigny totally stepped up to the plate in terms of character. Hers is one of the most interesting and complex characters I've seen on television in a while, and I was so happy that she won. 

4.) Glee- Best Television Show (Comedy or Musical)

Doesn't it just make you want to start singing? 

5.) Christoph Waltz- Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture 

Best villain ever. Haven't seen Inglorious Basterds? Well, all I can say is, that is NOT a BINGO. 

...Aaand, of course, there's Meryl Streep competing against herself... and winning. I was really glad she won for Julie and Julia, since she was the best part of that movie and pretty much made my viewing experience worthwhile. 

Oh, and Ricky Gervais. I don't think there has been a host who has overused the self promotion card the amount of times that he did at the Globes. The weird thing was that it just got funnier each time, most likely because he had already set the precedent of not being PC at all so it didn't end up looking pathetic. The best moment was when he nearly lost it and actually professed that he most likely would not be asked back. Which is probably true, since I don't think Americans are as open as the British in terms of telling penis jokes on public television without masking them with clever jargon. Anyway, he had everyone in the room in stitches, and was definitely something to watch. 

Now, I wouldn't be the Movie Mistress if I didn't also discuss the Low Points of this year's awards, or, as you can cleverly say to all your friends and coworkers, the What The Fuck Was That Garbage About?!? Awards. First Up...

1.) The Hangover- Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical

I'm sorry, but as much as I enjoyed this movie... no. It isn't deserving of a Golden Globe. It's entertaining, but it's a ridiculous frat boy comedy with cheap laughs. Give it to It's Complicated or something more original.

2.) Up- Best Animated Motion Picture

I knew this was going to win, but I was still sad when I compared it to what it was up against. Well, ok, maybe not The Princess and the Frog, but The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Coraline? Waaay better than Up. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but I'm pretty particular on my animation preferences. 

3.) Sandra Bullock- Best Actress in a Motion Picture (for The Blind Side)

Should have gone to Gabourney Sidibe for Precious. Not even going to go any further in explanation. 

So there you go. Now you can be on top of all the post Awards gossip. Unfortunately, for all us movie buffs, however, Hollywood never sleeps. On to the Oscars!


The Movie Mistress


  1. The only award I was PISSED about was Bullock winning. Complete and utter nonsense. If ever a random and pointless win has ever been witnessed at the Globes, it was hers. I realize she worked with all the horse mouths garbage this year, but if she ever wins a serious award for anything I may just boycott my treasured award shows. She is a terrible actress and at best should stay in her RomCom genre being slightly better than all the Jennifer Lopez's and Beyonces. We need to get Kate Hudson out of there and give her a real role.

  2. See, I agree that her winning was total bullshit, but I still admire her as an actress and as a person. Not because of that "trying-something-out-of-her-comfort-zone" garbage press she keeps getting for the Blind Side, but because I read an interview with her, and when she was asked about being nominated for a Golden Globe, she replied, "People who do what I do don't do award-winning films," and thought it was completely ridiculous that she would even be considered. I really admire that kind of honesty. And yes, we totally need to pull Kate Hudson back up and restore her to Almost Famous-like intelligence.

  3. You know, that is a very valid point. In spite of the fact that I don't like most of Bullocks movies, or even her in them, I've always found her remarkably charming and humble. She shouldn't have to feel personally bad about winning, and that does suck that she has to hear how awful she is when she WON an award, especially when you take into consideration that she is a pretty cool lady.