100th Post Extravaganza!!

So I just realized that my previous post was #100. That was exciting, even though it wasn't a particularly enigmatic one since I didn't really like the movie. Annnnyway, I decided I'm going to actually follow through on one of my promises on an earlier post and help you celebrate. So, without further ado....

THE TWILIGHT/NEW MOON DRINKING GAME (trust me- it will work with either movie) 

1. Every time Bella changes her emotion
2. Every time Bella stutters
3. Every time Bella looks high
4. Every time there is a cutaway to forest scenery
5. Every time slow motion effects are used
6. Every time anyone says the words "I can't live without you"
7. Every time you a vampire starts sparkling
8. Every time Jacob says a joke that isn't funny
9. Every time Charlie mentions the fact that he's a bachelor to Bella (which, btw, is kind of creepy)

and, if you REALLY want to get fucked up, 

10. Every time Edward looks like a creepy sex offender/stalker

If you want to take it for a test drive, here are the trailers for both:

Enjoyy nrow or psack up and sabve for latrr. 




  1. I feel like I've seen the move now.


    Congratulations mistress. I'm stuck at home this evening, and by myself. Perhaps some wine and Twilight and your game is the way I should finish it.