Ok, so I saw this trailer today:

Well, ok, so I saw a different televised version. But it doesn't really matter, because it still made me wonder why the executive producers of movies keep making stupid films about talking dogs. They're never good! Seriously.

Let's take a look back into history:

Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs 2 (as if the first one wasn't bad enough)- not out yet, but seeing as it will probably go straight to video, I'll count it.

The Shaggy Dog

Hotel for Dogs

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Ok, I think you get the picture and won't subject you to anymore. I just don't understand it. It's like whenever a movie about animals is made, there has to be default criteria:

1. Bad acting
2. Bad synching of sound and image when the animals talk
3. Some sort of choreographed dancing, and
4. That terrible cover of Shaggy's "Bow Wow Wow" that has been remastered specifically for movie trailers

Now, put those together. Why the fuck would anyone want to go see this combination?

And yet they still keep coming!! Each one seems to get progressively worse and worse, and being in one of these movies a career buster for actors. Where did Tim Allen go? Or Lisa Kudrow? We most likely won't see Owen Wilson anymore.

Can someone please explain to me why this exists? I just don't understand.


The Movie Mistress

*****UPDATE: This was the other trailer I just HAD to include.

Let's look at the wonderful acting chops on this kid:

He's going to go so far....

The animals may not talk in this one, but I'm sure that all of my above criteria will be included. Just you wait.


  1. Ahahah almost all of these films do suck terribly, and your right about the Shaggy song! That is always in there for some exact reason.

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  3. The only reason I would see "Marmaduke" is Lee Pace, but I suspect because this is a family film there will be no scene with him naked in a bathtub. And I'm not sure he'll be in the film long enough to justify shelling out $8.

  4. Great dog and cats movies. some of them are funny as hell.